Bluebonnet (Ring Sling) SOLD OUT

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Bluebonnet (Ring Sling) SOLD OUT

Introducing 'Lucky In Love Blue Bonnet.'


Bluebonnet is a perfect blend of 75% combed cotton and 25% ramie. A rich, navy warp with an ecru weft, Blue Bonnet looks and feels classy and timeless with a subtle sheen that catches the eye. Ramie is a plant fibre which comes from the nettle family, it has the same lustre as silk, but is also extremely absorbent and resistant to bacteria and mildew. Think linen, but softer.


Ramie, combined with a high quality combed cotton creates a 290gsm wrap with nice glide, no sag, and beautiful mouldability. We have put Bluebonnet through it's paces with little babies and giant toddlers; it handles both easily, making this a great all rounder.


Blue Bonnet is a Lupin flower, which symbolise happiness, and to bring one the inner strength to recover from trauma. The Lupin flower also brings the message that new opportunities are discovered when one finds the way to have a positive outlook. We think this is a particularly relevant message in the context of parenting - a group of people who face such difficulties and hard work every single day and yet manage to keep on and look forward. This one is for you, and may you always have the strength to keep going.


Blend: 75% combed cotton, 25% ramie
Weight: 290gsm approx


Ring Slings are 2.1m in length, sewn with grey rings and can be worn on either shoulder, with either side facing out.


Release Date: 3rd Feb 2018