Crimson Rose (Ring Sling)

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Crimson Rose (Ring Sling)

Crimson Rose

'From rain comes shine, 
From dark comes light; 
I mourned but now I love.'

The dark crimson rose has a dual meaning; on the one hand it signifies sadness and mourning and death. On the other, it has a more joyous meaning - rebirth and love. 

The Romans understood the significance of these beautiful velvet blooms; in a tradition dating back thousands of years, they planted dark crimson roses on the graves of their loved ones to signify death and at the same time, rebirth.

Between us we have lost friends, partners, babies, ourselves - but we hold on, because light will always follow dark, and love will always shine through. 


An easy care 100% combed cotton, Crimson Rose is a rich and sumptuous wrap that feels thin in hand but supports deceivingly well. The new improved weave ensures the wrap feels smooth and glides well but locks into place - without shoulder digging. The perfect balance of cush and grip, we recommend Crimson Rose as suitable from birth to toddlerhood.


Ring Slings are 2.1m in length, sewn with black rings and can be worn on either shoulder, with either side facing out.


Blend: 100% combed cotton
Weight: 275gsm approx


Release Date: 14th Feb 2018