Encore (Ring Sling)

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Encore (Ring Sling)

‘Now can I get an encore, do you want more?’


This new design comes to the stage and and sings you a song of silky smooth glide with a firm stay put grip. A combed cotton navy warp, paired with a luxurious multi tonal cotton/merino/linen weft, gives a rich and lustrous purple tone.

Floppy and mouldable this offers a firm support with a slight stretch, and provides a gentle cush for those picky shoulders. Weighing in at a slight 245gsm it fits in your bag but wraps like a medium weight.

No breaking in required, this is soft and ready to wear from the first wash. Suitable for all.

So, to "rap" this up - do you want an encore?

Release Date: Friday 19th January 7pm

Blend: 65% combed cotton, 25% merino, 10% linen
Weight: 245gsm approx

Ring Slings are 2.1m in length, sewn with purple rings and can be worn on either shoulder, with either side facing out.