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"Little boy, when you speak
I can't help but kiss your cheeks
I love the way you grab my hands 

And tell me all about your plans..."

Wrapahula Stanza Hourglass is inspired by the beautifully sweet song of the same name, by Mindy Gledhill. A teal warp with a purple toned weft, Hourglass reflects the complexity and depth of feelings we have towards our precious littles; wanting them to both grow up and not all at once. 

Hourglass is an amazing all round wrap, able to go with you on your wrapping journey from baby to toddler and beyond. Just two or three uses and this exquisite merino blend woven will be blanket soft in your hands, and able to hold rock steady. Perfectly balanced grip and glide ensures Hourglass is easy to wrap with, a real delight for multi layered carries. This luscious wrap is the ideal mix of airy, grippy, soft, and blankety. 

Release Date: Friday 14th September

Blend: 65% combed cotton, 25% merino, 10% linen
Weight: 245gsm approx

Ring Slings are sewn with purple rings and can be worn on either shoulder, with either side facing out.