Midnight Veronica SOLD OUT

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Midnight Veronica SOLD OUT

Our newest Lucky In Love release is a beautiful strong, linen blend wrap with turquoise and navy to create a vivid contrast. Featuring all the things you've come to love from Wrapahula - just the right amount of grip, glide, and cush, this is amazing from newborn right through to toddler.

'Midnight Veronica' is a flower whose meaning is fidelity, denoting faithfulness to a person, continuing loyalty, and support.

Made all the more appropriate for my amazing mother Veronika and the way in which she nursed her mother, my beloved Nanna, for the last seven years of her life.

This one is for my mum, and all the other wonderful mums out there who are shining examples of continuing loyalty and support everyday of their lives.

Black Egyptian cotton warp with a navy linen and turquoise egyptian cotton weft. Approx 270gsm this wrap is super soft and cushy after just the first wash and iron. Perfect for those who love a linen but don't want to break it in

Ring Slings are sewn with black rings and can be worn on either shoulder with either side facing out.