Past Releases

  • 9 to 5 SOLD OUT

    9 to 5 SOLD OUT

    Inspired by possibly the most vivacious country and western star to ever arise, 9 5 features a natty warp with beautiful, slubby, coral linen and yellow Egyptian cotton weft. 9 to 5 is reminiscent of all the things the icon herself Dolly Parton...

  • Agapanthus


    'I searched for a miracle, I almost gave up and then you gave me your love, a magical love' Agapanthus is 100% combed cotton, medium weight wrap, woven with a peacock and deep purple weft on creamy warp. The looser weave allows the wrap to...

  • Angelique SOLD OUT

    Angelique SOLD OUT

      Angelique is an exquisite semidouble Tulip. Bearing 2–3 blooms on each stem, with soft and slightly ruffled individual flowers, this particular Tulip has varied meanings depending on where you're from. We particularly like the...

  • Baby Blue Eyes

    Baby Blue Eyes

    'I will never be perfect, I will make mistakes but a moment with my 'Baby Blue Eyes' reminds me that my mistakes were made with good intentions. You clense my soul'   25% merino lambswool, 75% cotton. The weft is made up of a pale...

  • Baby's Breath

    Baby's Breath

    'A long wait, a challenging journey, then I felt my baby's breath. Innocent and pure of heart. My everlasting love' Baby's Breath is 100% combed cotton, medium weight wrap, woven with a subtle jade peacock weft on creamy warp. The looser weave...

  • Cherished SOLD OUT

    Cherished SOLD OUT

     Cherished, meaning protected, cared for, loved, is woven on our soft teal warp. The stunning, two tone weft is made up of raspberry pink merino and bubblegum pink pima cotton. This soft and supportive combination offers a striking contrast that...

  • Chloroplast SOLD OUT

    Chloroplast SOLD OUT

        Chloroplasts are incredible components of plant cells. Known as organelles, their main role is to capture energy from  sunlight, but they also free oxygen from water, synthesize fatty acids, and act as the immune response system...

  • Cleopatra - SOLD OUT

    Cleopatra - SOLD OUT

    This Iconic was designed to honour to an absolutely incredible star of stage and screen, the late great Elizabeth Taylor. ... In her most iconic role of Cleopatra in the 1963 film of the same name, Taylor was the epitome of beauty, elegance and...

  • Dusty Rose

    Dusty Rose

    'I carry you close to my heart. I will treasure these sweet and gentle moments forever. I am in awe of your strength and confidence as the ups and downs of this crazy world just pass us by'   25% merino lambswool, 75% cotton. The weft is made...

  • Enigma - Under the Sea

    Enigma - Under the Sea

    Under The Sea is one of two colourways from the first Wrapahula woven wraps. The colours we inspired by some of the beautiful shades that can be seen in the Carribean Sea; from a bright turquoise to a rich jade and also incorporating the deep...

  • Forget Me Not

    Forget Me Not

    'I missed you before I knew you, I loved you the moment I met you. We will never be apart but if we are, even for a moment, forget me not'   Forget Me Not is 100% combed cotton, medium weight wrap, woven with a deep purple and hot...