Past Releases

  • Hollyhock


    'I hold you close and tell you that your dreams will come true. You can be anything you want to be. I will be there, every step of the way to support and encourage you in achieving all of your goals in life'   100% cotton, black and grey...

  • Jadeite - SOLD OUT

    Jadeite - SOLD OUT

      Jadeite is the rarest of the two types of pure jade, a strong and precious mineral. Jadeite appears green at first glance, but a look under the microscope reveals a riot of beautiful colour. To us, this is very similar to the bond between...

  • K.I.T.T.


    Inspired by the legend that is The Hoff - or to give him his full name, David Hasselhoff - in the truly iconic 1980's classic Knight Rider.  Deep black and vibrant red work in perfect synchronicity to create a true likeness of K.I.T.T.'s scanner...

  • Meteorite SOLD OUT

    Meteorite SOLD OUT

    Blend info: combed cotton warp of pink, purple and jade with a royal blue weft consisting of alternating combed cotton and mercerised cotton yarns. This wonderful blend of different cotton yarns gives the wrap a fabulous, almost woolly texture and bounce...

  • Orchid Dreams

    Orchid Dreams

    'I treasure your love my beautiful child, while I hold you close and we share our Orchid Dreams'   'Orchid Dreams' is 100% combed cotton, medium weight wrap. The weft is woven with a mercerised cotton and features 4...

  • Peony


    'You are everything that I need, all that fulfils me. You create the beauty in my life'   100% cotton, pink and grey mercerised cotton weft on a shimmery, creamy warp. Approx 275gsm.. The looser weave allows the wrap to mould...

  • Pure Imagination

    Pure Imagination

    Pure Imagination features our Iconic design on a black warp with bright orange and vivid purple weft; an incredibly striking colourway for an incredibly striking man. Orange and purple of course, for the outfit the eccentric Mr. Wonka wears. Pure...

  • Sea Salt SOLD OUT

    Sea Salt SOLD OUT

    Metaphysically, all salts are used for protection in general and protection from evil.   75% combed cotton, 25% linen - 270gsm   Although this is reasonably soft from first wash, it does soften much more with use. The...



    Inspired by an utterly fabulous icon of my childhood - the late great Rik Mayall as Drop Dead Fred. Because who didn't want a naughty imaginary friend to play make mud pies with and play burglars? Snot Face has a natty warp, with a green and yellow...

  • Three Wishes SOLD OUT

    Three Wishes SOLD OUT

    Inspired by the late great Robin Williams as the incredible Genie of the Lamp in Aladdin, Three Wishes features lilac and blue blended together to really capture the magic that graced our screens in the early 90's. Robin Williams is nothing short of a...

  • Velassaru SOLD OUT

    Velassaru SOLD OUT

    Inspired by the resort destination in The Maldives, an archipelago consisting of 1190 tiny islands scattered across the Indian Ocean. Known for its beaches, blue lagoons and extensive reefs, Velassaru evokes a feeling of serenity and contentment with...

  • Why So Serious? SOLD OUT

    Why So Serious? SOLD OUT

    Designed to honour the incredible performance of Heath Ledger as The Joker, Why So Serious features bright green and vivid purple, on a contrasting black warp to create a wrap as striking and as memorable as Ledger's portrayal. Heath Ledger for us is...