Ring Slings

  • 1.21 Gigawatts (Ring Sling)

    1.21 Gigawatts (Ring Sling)

    Inspired by the amazing Michael J Fox playing the iconic role of Marty McFly in 1980's classic Back To The Future, 1.21 Gigawatts features vibrant orange, red, and yellow mercerised cotton on a deep, combed cotton black warp. Blankety soft from...

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  • Blessed (Ring Sling)

    Blessed (Ring Sling)

    ‘Blessed’ is the second release from our new design ‘Opulence’. A rich, navy warp with a shimmering, 3 tone weft of silk, merino and mercerised cotton. Weighing approx 255gsm, this is a light - medium weight wrap with a big...

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  • Bluebonnet (Ring Sling)

    Bluebonnet (Ring Sling)

    Introducing 'Lucky In Love Blue Bonnet.'   Bluebonnet is a perfect blend of 75% combed cotton and 25% ramie. A rich, navy warp with an ecru weft, Blue Bonnet looks and feels classy and timeless with a subtle sheen that catches the eye. Ramie is...

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  • Crimson Rose (Ring Sling)

    Crimson Rose (Ring Sling)

    Crimson Rose 'From rain comes shine, From dark comes light; I mourned but now I love.'The dark crimson rose has a dual meaning; on the one hand it signifies sadness and mourning and death. On the other, it has a more joyous meaning - rebirth...

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  • Dahlia (Ring Sling)

    Dahlia (Ring Sling)

    This wrap is lighter weight but also strong and soft after just a couple of uses. A thick, aubergine merino wool and a rich, burgundy linen alternate to make up the beautiful autumn tones in the weft. The colour appears to change in different lights,...

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  • Emma (Ring Sling)

    Emma (Ring Sling)

    Emma, an English name derived from the Old German for 'whole' or 'universal', is the brighter sister to Marah. With it's eyecatching sunshine yellow tones set against fresh white, Emma is the perfect wrap for summer nights. 100% cotton, Emma is a little...

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  • Empire For You (Ring Sling)

    Empire For You (Ring Sling)

    'An Empire for You' is the second release from our 'Stanza' range.   The rich navy warp combined with the jewel green weft create a striking depth of colour.   Coming in at 300gsm, this is one of our heavier weight wraps but it still...

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  • Encore (Ring Sling)

    Encore (Ring Sling)

    ‘Now can I get an encore, do you want more?’ Introducing STANZA ENCORE This new design comes to the stage and and sings you a song of silky smooth glide with a firm stay put grip. A combed cotton navy warp, paired with a luxurious multi...

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  • Marah (Ring Sling)

    Marah (Ring Sling)

    Marah, meaning 'defined beauty' and 'star of the sea' is a complex rose blush coral on white, creating a fresh and crisp aesthetic further enhanced by the clean lines of the Sui Generis design. 85% combed cotton, and 15% famous Wrapahula linen, Marah...

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  • Sunset Dock (Ring Sling)

    Sunset Dock (Ring Sling)

    Inspired by a beautiful photo of a sunset over a dock in Thailand. Rich, bold, and vibrant colours flow into each other in such a way as to create a feeling of peace, tranquility, and warmth. Sunset dock is a heavier weight enigma, approx 290gsm, yet...

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  • Treasured (Ring Sling)

    Treasured (Ring Sling)

    Meaning to regard or treat as precious, Treasured is woven on our rich navy warp. The stunning, two tone weft is made up of raspberry pink merino and bubblegum pink pima cotton. This soft and supportive combination offers a rich combination of colour...

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  • Walking On Sunshine (Ring Sling)

    Walking On Sunshine (Ring Sling)

    ‘Walking on Sunshine’ is a beautifully bright, shimmery and seriously fresh wrap! This is a heavier weight wrap which offers a lot of support yet remains soft on the shoulders. With lots of stretch, it wraps like a bandage and grips...

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