Lucky In Love

I believe that we are all 'Lucky In Love'; whether it be a partner, a child, family or friends.

The four leaf clover brings back wonderful memories for me. I used to help my father in the garden and when there were things I couldn't help with, he'd ask me to find a clover with four leaves... I don't think I ever found one! I'd feel sad that I hadn't, s...o would hold an extra leaf against a clover and show him. He would laugh and tell me it didn't matter if I couldn't find one. He would explain that I have parents who love me unconditionally, I have God watching over me, I have been blessed with the confidence, spirit and determination I need to achieve anything I want to in life. I am already lucky.

It still makes me feel nostalgic and I can't help but keep an eye out for a four leaf. It also reminds that the only luck we need is to experience love, whether that be a partner, a child, family, friends, pets...

  • Bluebonnet (Ring Sling)

    Bluebonnet (Ring Sling)

    Introducing 'Lucky In Love Blue Bonnet.'   Bluebonnet is a perfect blend of 75% combed cotton and 25% ramie. A rich, navy warp with an ecru weft, Blue Bonnet looks and feels classy and timeless with a subtle sheen that catches the eye. Ramie is...

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  • Crimson Rose (Ring Sling)

    Crimson Rose (Ring Sling)

    Crimson Rose 'From rain comes shine, From dark comes light; I mourned but now I love.'The dark crimson rose has a dual meaning; on the one hand it signifies sadness and mourning and death. On the other, it has a more joyous meaning - rebirth...

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  • Dahlia (Ring Sling)

    Dahlia (Ring Sling)

    This wrap is lighter weight but also strong and soft after just a couple of uses. A thick, aubergine merino wool and a rich, burgundy linen alternate to make up the beautiful autumn tones in the weft. The colour appears to change in different lights,...

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