Woven Wraps

Quality, woven wraps designed and woven, exclusively, for Wrapahula. Only the best quality yarns are used and all wraps are woven and sewn in the UK!

  • 1.21 Gigawatts

    1.21 Gigawatts

    Inspired by the amazing Michael J Fox playing the iconic role of Marty McFly in 1980's classic Back To The Future, 1.21 Gigawatts features vibrant orange, red, and yellow mercerised cotton on a deep, combed cotton black warp. Blankety soft from...

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  • Bismuth Crystal

    Bismuth Crystal

    Construction: A combed cotton warp of pink, purple and jade with a white combed cotton and natural linen weft. Breaks in quickly to become a superbly strong yet soft and airy wrap with a good amount of grip. Wrap Qualities: Breaks in quickly, rock...

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  • Blessed


    ‘Blessed’ is the second release from our new design ‘Opulence’. A rich, navy warp with a shimmering, 3 tone weft of silk, merino and mercerised cotton. Weighing approx 255gsm, this is a light - medium weight wrap with a big...

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  • Bluebonnet


    Introducing 'Lucky In Love Blue Bonnet.'   Bluebonnet is a perfect blend of 75% combed cotton and 25% ramie. A rich, navy warp with an ecru weft, Blue Bonnet looks and feels classy and timeless with a subtle sheen that catches the eye. Ramie is...

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  • Emma


    Emma, an English name derived from the Old German for 'whole' or 'universal', is the brighter sister to Marah. With it's eyecatching sunshine yellow tones set against fresh white, Emma is the perfect wrap for summer nights. 100% cotton, Emma is a little...

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  • Empire For You

    Empire For You

    'An Empire for You' is the second release from our 'Stanza' range.   The rich navy warp combined with the jewel green weft create a striking depth of colour.   Coming in at 300gsm, this is one of our heavier weight wraps but it still...

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  • Encore


    ‘Now can I get an encore, do you want more?’ Introducing STANZA ENCORE This new design comes to the stage and and sings you a song of silky smooth glide with a firm stay put grip. A combed cotton navy warp, paired with a luxurious multi...

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  • Marah SOLD OUT

    Marah SOLD OUT

    Marah, meaning 'defined beauty' and 'star of the sea' is a complex rose blush coral on white, creating a fresh and crisp aesthetic further enhanced by the clean lines of the Sui Generis design. 85% combed cotton, and 15% famous Wrapahula linen, Marah...

  • Midnight Fuchsia

    Midnight Fuchsia

    Lucky In Love 'Midnight Fuchsia' 'My happiness is your trust in me and my devotion to you. Be free, share your intoxicating beauty with the world and spread happiness throughout' Black, egyptian cotton warp with a pink merino wool and purple...

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  • Midnight Hydrangea

    Midnight Hydrangea

    Midnight Hydrangea is woven with a graduated weft of blue and lilac on a rich, black warp. A heavier weight wrap that is incredibly soft from the first wash, offers a lot of grip and support with a subtle bounce. Perfect for newborns and toddlers alike...

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  • Midnight Veronica

    Midnight Veronica

    Our newest Lucky In Love release is a beautiful strong, linen blend wrap with turquoise and navy to create a vivid contrast. Featuring all the things you've come to love from Wrapahula - just the right amount of grip, glide, and cush, this is amazing...

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  • Snowflake


    Blend info: combed cotton warp and mercerised cotton weft. This wonderful fibre gives a lightweight, breathable, strong but soft wrap. Wrap Qualities: soft from the start but softens further with use. The mercerised cotton adds strength while...

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