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Introducing 'Enigma', the first range of Wrapahula woven wraps...

We have spent a long time researching and trying to understand the weaving process, pros and cons of the types of weaves and how to acheive the wrap qualities that were most important to us. We wanted to create a wrap that would be easy to use for beginners with newborns or toddlers but also posessed qualities that are important for advcanced techniques. It has been a long process and a mine field of information to try and learn which is why we felt the name 'Enigma' was perfect for our first woven wraps.

Enigma is a 100% cotton, medium weight wrap at approx 270gsm. The wide herringbone weave moulds beautifully with minimal effort yet locks into place and offers excellent support for even the heaviest toddlers. It is soft and floppy from the first wash so requires minimal 'breaking in' and is a perfect choice for toddlers and younger babies too!

The multicoloured warp offers a unique and elegant look to the herringbone and means each rail is a different colour, which is a design feature we wanted, to make the learning process easier for beginners. 

  • North Yorkshire Moors

    North Yorkshire Moors

    Enigma, North Yorkshire Moors takes it's name and inspiration from one of the most stunning parts of the UK - a wild, untamed, and often harsh landscape where Heather blooms uncontrollably alongside heathland plants such as Crowberry and Wavy Hair Grass...

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