Opulence is so named because the design itself oozes luxury and decadence. We had planned to name the range after gems, but it felt cold to us... and that's not what babywearing is about. Babywearing is warmth, it's love, it's a feeling of closeness. With that in mind, we decided to name the wraps after not luxurious or decadent items, but feelings. Because honestly, that calm, that little tiny paradise that's created inside metres of fabric when a tiny body nestles into yours... there's nothing like it. As the saying goes, the most precious things you will ever wear around your neck are the arms of your child.


Woven with our new structure the wraps boast a better recoil, a more bandage like feel and are MUCH less prone to pulls.

  • Blessed


    ‘Blessed’ is the second release from our new design ‘Opulence’. A rich, navy warp with a shimmering, 3 tone weft of silk, merino and mercerised cotton. Weighing approx 255gsm, this is a light - medium weight wrap with a big...

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  • Treasured


    Meaning to regard or treat as precious, Treasured is woven on our rich navy warp. The stunning, two tone weft is made up of raspberry pink merino and bubblegum pink pima cotton. This soft and supportive combination offers a rich combination of colour...

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