Did you know that listening to music releases a surge of dopamine? Even the anticipation of listening to music releases this crucial hormone.

Music influences the way we think, feel and behave. Music doesn't need lyrics to portray emotion or to impact our feelings. Music can create our coherent narrative. Each pattern of sound can be absorbed and interpreted by everyone of us regardless of language, gender, belief.


Music helps us remember, music helps us move on, music soothes us, music brightens us.

Most of all, music unifies us; it brings together families, cultures and societies in ways that nothing else can.

Music is the language of the universe.

What's your song?

  • Empire For You

    'An Empire for You' is the second release from our 'Stanza' range.   The rich navy warp combined with the jewel green weft create a striking depth of colour.   Coming in at 300gsm, this is one of our heavier weight wraps but it still...

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  • Encore

    ‘Now can I get an encore, do you want more?’ Introducing STANZA ENCORE This new design comes to the stage and and sings you a song of silky smooth glide with a firm stay put grip. A combed cotton navy warp, paired with a luxurious multi...

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  • Hourglass

    "Little boy, when you speakI can't help but kiss your cheeksI love the way you grab my hands And tell me all about your plans..."Wrapahula Stanza Hourglass is inspired by the beautifully sweet song of the same name, by Mindy Gledhill. A teal warp...

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  • Walking On Sunshine

    ‘Walking on Sunshine’ is a beautifully bright, shimmery and seriously fresh wrap! This is a heavier weight wrap which offers a lot of support yet remains soft on the shoulders. With lots of stretch, it wraps like a bandage and grips...

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