Sui Generis

‘Sui Generis’ simply means ‘of its own kind’

We feel that not only are we all ‘of our own kind’ but our individual journeys through life are our own and there is no other like.

Sui Generis is not just a wrap; it’s a design that represents our timeline, our being and what makes each of us truely unique.

Sui Generis pays homage to the building blocks of life, the spirals that omnipresent in our universe, the way we are linked yet remain unique. The life that grows, the steps we take, the roads we cross and the mountains we climb. All part of the journey we take that makes us blossom, create beauty in the world and within ourselves.

We flourish and we repeat. We create a life, we nurture and guide them through their journey to individuality.

There is no other alike, there is no other journey like yours, you are one of a kind.

  • Adelyn


    Adelyn is a feminine given name meaning 'noble'. Adelyn features a slubby, blue linen and purple cotton weft, giving a luscious lilac tone when couple with our crisp, white warp. One of our thinner Sui Generis wraps but she is not shy of toddlers!...

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  • Annie (SOLD OUT)

    ‘Sui Generis - Annie’ Annie is a 100% combed cotton wrap. Weighing in at 295gsm, Annie is a strong, heavy weight wrap. Don’t be put off by this as after several uses she breaks in to be soft, mouldable but still incredible supportive...

  • Emma

    Emma, an English name derived from the Old German for 'whole' or 'universal', is the brighter sister to Marah. With it's eyecatching sunshine yellow tones set against fresh white, Emma is the perfect wrap for summer nights. 100% cotton, Emma is a little...

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  • Isaac


    Isaac - he who smiles.A bold purple and deep black cotton and linen blend, Isaac showcases the Sui Generis design beautifully. Despite being slightly thinner than the other Sui Generis wraps, Isaac is truly very comfortable. It breaks in quickly,...

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  • Niek

    Niek - meaning loved by everyone.The latest of the Sui Generis designs to be released, Niek is strong and supportive, breaking in quickly, and makes for the perfect toddler wrap. Soft after just a few uses, Niek really shines for bigger kids in multi...