Under The Microscope

The design and each colour way is inspired by fascinating, microscopic images. It is amazes us how everyday objects and items that can be so bland and familiar on the surface can be hiding such beautifully complex structures. Under The Microscope is our way of honouring the magic in the mundane - and a reminder to be kind to others as we never truly know what is happening under the surface.

  • Bismuth Crystal

    Bismuth Crystal

    Construction: A combed cotton warp of pink, purple and jade with a white combed cotton and natural linen weft. Breaks in quickly to become a superbly strong yet soft and airy wrap with a good amount of grip. Wrap Qualities: Breaks in quickly, rock...

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  • Ocean Jasper

    Ocean Jasper

    Under The Microscope, Ocean Jasper - recognised as a healing stone, Ocean Jasper is said to encourage a feeling of joy and elevated spirits, helping you to release negative feelings. An excellent stone to help you if you need a lift - and an excellent...

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  • Snowflake


    Blend info: combed cotton warp and mercerised cotton weft. This wonderful fibre gives a lightweight, breathable, strong but soft wrap. Wrap Qualities: soft from the start but softens further with use. The mercerised cotton adds strength while...

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